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Traderush Scam

Traderush Trading is one of the latest and most dynamic binary options brokers in the market. Binary options trading have become wildly popular in the recent days. You buy an asset and predict the direction in which its price will move. You also get to choose an expiry time. If your prediction comes true, you can make a high profit. Binary option trading is simple, easy and quick.

You do not need to be an expert or to invest a huge amount of money. You just need to choose your broker with care. Traderush is one such binary option broker where you get to choose from eighty different assets and can make a profit of 81% or more. But, you need to get all the facts about any possible binary options scam before you invest your money.

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Is there a Traderush scam or not?

A careful search of the internet and the customer reviews will show that there is no Traderush scam in existence. Consider the following points:

  • Traderush is a legally incorporated company licensed in Cyprus. A search of the Traderush website as well as the internet will assure you that it is a bona fide company.
  • One of the strongest rumors regarding Traderush scam is that you do not get to withdraw your money and you lose all your investments. The fact is that there are certain stipulations regarding withdrawing your funds from your account. So, you cannot withdraw more than your original deposit. Moreover, you must have traded thirty times the value of your investment before you can withdraw your funds. However, these conditions do not imply that there is a Traderush scam. Once you fulfill these conditions, you can easily withdraw your money using either credit card or bank transfer. The process is simple and is completed within two to four business days.
  • The scope of Traderush scam is completely nullified by the transparency of the website. The interface is very simple and easy to use. You will get all the information that you require for your binary option trading and you can follow your account easily.
  • Since there is no commission, some people think that there must be some Traderush scam going on to compensate them for their troubles. However, no reputed binary options trading broker charge commission and there is nothing suspicious about this.


Trade with an easy mind and make huge profits with Traderush

You can search independent review sites as much as you like. You will soon be able to assure yourself that there is in fact no Traderush scam in existence. It is known for its high rate of profit and prompt service. Then you can choose out of their eighty assets. Use not only the conventional high/low option but also One touch option, Option builder and sixty second expiry to make profits of 81% on your original investment or even more with binary option trading using Traderush.

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