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TradeRush October 2012 promotions

TradeRush October 2012 Promotions – The new kid on the block has gifts

TradeRush has already made its name in the market as a binary trading site that has been profitable to so many people in that last few years. Being a new company and competing against greater ones who have actually started this market they have to be greater than the rest and hence they are going to give you better. Having started in 2011 they have had very little time to grow but they have done better than expected because of these great bonus schemes and offers that they are constantly coming up with.

Ongoing Promotions

Maybe TradeRush is the only site right now in the binary trading market that has an ongoing promotions and bonus offer that is constant and unwavering. Their helping of the younger users and newer users together is making them the primary choice for those starting out in the dynamic field of binary trading.

For the newer users they have the following schemes going on in the month of October:

  • A free $100 bonus at the beginning without any investment that will be credited later on. This is something that is common to many sites but never with this kind of freedom because with this amount you can trade anywhere and everywhere in the site. And with an asset index of more than 80 assets that is a wide field for you to exhaust this money. But what is a common trend is that people get the hang of it within the $50 range and hence they can use the rest to get their money back and more subsequently.
  • Another thing that they offer the new investors is a bonus on their first investment. If you are new then you are probably apprehensive of the money you put in for the first time. This is usually because you do not know whether you can get it back by winning. But the great 80% bonus that you will immediately get at the TradeRush October 2012 promotions will definitely get you the kind of confidence you need because you are not actually putting your own money at risk here.

The older customers

Almost all the promotional offers that were put forth in the September period have been kept through to the October season but there have been rumors of a new kind of promotional offer. They are saying that there will be a series of gifting sessions in the Traderush Trading fraternity that will have everyone drooling. The speculations say that the gifting will be in the form of money but there are also word that it may be in the form of bonus increases and rate increase. This is great news for the thousands of older users because they can now choose their own tariffs and hence their own profits.

All said and done when it comes to promotional offers and benefits TradeRush October 2012 promotions as well as TradeRush itself stand very close to the top.