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Traderush Forex

In the recent years, binary option trading has become wildly popular. The reasons are obvious. It is simple, easy and quick. It is completely web based. You just have to pick an asset and predict whether its price will climb up or down within a designated period. When your prediction comes true, you can walk off with some of the largest payouts in international market. Traderush offers you great scope of such binary option trading with minimum profit of 81% on your original investment. There are four different types of assets to choose from. These are indices, commodities, forex and stocks. Of them, Traderush forex is a profitable option for binary option trading.

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Features of Traderush forex

Trading in Traderush forex can turn out to be a very lucrative option. Here are the features:

  • Traderush forex include thirteen different currency pairs. These include Euro and American dollar, American and Canadian dollar, American dollar and Pound, American dollar and Turkish Lira, American dollar and Brazilian Real, American dollar and Russian Ruble and many more.
  • Not all currency pairs are traded at all times. Check out Traderush forex page to verify the specific time (in GMT) when a particular pair is traded.
  • Investing and turning a profit at Traderush forex is very easy. You will have to open your account and make an initial deposit of $200. The currencies which are accepted are American dollar, Euro and pound. Then choose a currency pair. When you choose binary options in Traderush forex, you will need to predict whether the price of one currency will increase in relation to its pair or decrease. The expiry time varies from the end of the minute to the end of the month. This is the high/low option. If your prediction comes true, you can make 81% return on your investment.
  • You can opt for One touch trading when using Traderush forex. Here, the website quotes the current exchange rate between the two currencies in the pair. Then it gives you a high limit and a low limit. You need to decide which one the exchange rate will touch within the expiry period. This is a little more intricate, but can get you a return of as much as 500%.

The advantages of Traderush forex

The advantages of Traderush forex are as follows:

  • Traderush forex is easier and simpler than the traditional forex market which is highly complicated and not for the novices. With the help of Traderush forex, you too can reap the rewards of the movements of the forex market without needing to become an expert on it.
  • With the help of One touch option, you can make a profit of 500% with Traderush forex. This is unthinkable in traditional forex market.
  • Finally, Traderush Trading provides you with a number of tools which makes trading in Traderush forex really easy. Live news feed in real time, chart analysis and continuous support from analysts via live chat help you to make informed decision as you trade with Traderush forex.

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