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Traderush FAQ

The following are some Traderush FAQ that can help you get started with Traderush.

What is binary options trading?

Binary options is a recent financial trading product that is easy to operate and highly rewarding. Based on pre-determined returns and refunds, you are in for no surprises. At the start of a binary options trading session, you understand your risks and rewards. For instance, if you see a 73% payout on an option, you know that you’ll get paid 70% extra on winning.

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What is an asset?

An asset (also called underlying asset) is the basis for your trade. You have to predict if an asset’s price will increase or decrease. Based on your prediction, you win or lose. There are many asset classes to choose from. The common ones are stocks, indices, commodities, and currencies.

How much can I invest?

Traderush enables you to trade in most currencies of the world. You can trade up to a maximum of 1500 units of your currency.

Why are there no 100% returns on binary options trading?

This is an interesting Traderush FAQ that many traders ask. Even though there are two possible outcomes, binary options trading is not like flipping a coin. When you flip a coin, chances of the coin landing heads or tails is 50:50. But this logic does not apply to binary options trading. Your chances of success or failure are not 50:50. It is totally dependent on market and economic conditions.

If binary options trading were a 50:50 affair, then you would have 100 returns on your investment. Since it is not, you only get upwards of 70%.

Why are there only these many assets?

Binary options trading has a limit to how many assets it can provide. Only seasoned and experienced trading platforms such as Traderush offer the highest number of assets – more than 85.

Are profits taxable?

Traderush does not have control on this aspect. Traderush pays its taxes to the government. You are expected to do the same. It is ideal you have a check on the profits over investments you make. Based on this you can hire a tax consultant to help you pay your taxes.



Who can invest?

This is a simple Traderush FAQ, but something that’s asked a thousand times. Anyone can invest. Since Traderush is a browser based trading platform, anyone from anywhere can trade. The platform is open to people of all nationalities. You have to check the website of Traderush for the currencies that can be used to make an investment.

Is there anyone to help me?

Traderush Trading is the only binary options trading broker with a 24 hour customer support system that’s brilliant on all aspects. As a trader, you are also entitled to an account manager. If you are a Gold or Platinum account holder, you get a dedicated account manager. Alternatively, you can contact Traderush through phone, email, or chat.


Binary options trading is the new wave of trading activity that is here to stay. If you are a trader, and you have plenty of Traderush FAQ queries, then you’re termed as a serious investor – something that’s important to succeed.

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