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Traderush broker

Sometimes popularity may not necessarily mean something is good. But in the case of binary options trading, popularity is an index of customer satisfaction. Traderush is a highly popular Binary Options Broker that is being used by thousands of happy traders. Every day, this platform is getting new registrations. Traders are expressing their views on forums. Most of the new members have been referred by existing ones.

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The latest and greatest – Traderush broker services

Traderush broker services understands the fact that knowledge is the key determinant to strike success in binary options trading. While binary options trading can prove to be lucky for the “chance investor”, relying on chance every time is not an ideal approach.

If you are an experienced or a novice investor, Traderush provides you the tools, techniques, and tactics to succeed. Novice traders evolve into seasoned binary options traders. In time they perfect the art of binary options trading.

Binary options Vs forex – which one is better

While forex trading is a highly profitable venture, it can put you in financial trouble as well. Comparatively, binary options trading fares better on the safety, reliability, and predictability front.

Your knowledge of the foreign exchange market will never go wasted. You can always use it when trading in currencies on Traderush Trading. Apart from currencies, the platform also offers you stocks, indices, and commodities to choose assets from.

Providing the fastest expiration times

Traderush provides the fastest options-expiry time – 60 seconds. Interestingly, you also stand to gain 70% returns on investment if you succeed. All these are industry firsts. The Traderush broker platform also provides news to enable you to determine the pulse of the markets. This is essential when trading in 60 second options.

Traderush advice – how to trade in stocks that suit your personality

If you have considered investing in the stock markets, but are apprehensive of their volatility, then binary options are a safer alternative. Not only do binary options provide you upfront expectations, they give you faster results – in some cases less than 60 seconds!

Binary options are a good choice if you want instant gratification. If you are inclined to long-term investing, then this type of trading is not right for you. Given that binary options are of varying expiry times, you can choose options which suit you the best from the Traderush broker trading platform.



Traderush is a new type of broker for the new type of investor

Traderush believes that empowering traders is a great way to build business. This is reflected in the unique options it provides. Some of these options are so trader friendly that in time you can never go wrong with these options.

Roll over feature

  • Allows you to postpone the expiry time of the option.
  • You can turn an impending loss into gain.
  • You have to invoke this feature 10 minutes before the expiry of the option.

Double up feature

  • Double your profits when you are in a good position.


There is no doubt that Traderush broker services is not only the new wave of change, but the new way to trade safely.

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