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Traderush Visa

visaWhen you use Traderush, Visa, Mastercard, wiretransfers, and moneybookers are some of the payment methods supported. You start off using this trading platform with an initial deposit of only $200. Traderush offers more than 85 assets to choose from. This many number of assets is the highest in the industry.

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Some Traderush information you should know

  • You can start with $10 and go up to $250 when trading on the 60 seconds trade.
  • This trading platform is the first one to introduce the 60 seconds option. Another interesting fact is that Traderush offers more than 75-81% returns on this option. This is the highest and probably will remain so.
  • As per customer satisfaction index, Traderush scores the highest. Given that there are only a few good binary options trading platforms, Traderush is the pick of the list.
  • You have several accounts to choose from. A silver account gives you a dedicated account manager. A platinum account and gold account provides you an account manager who is extremely experienced and also a prolific trader. You pay $1000 for a silver account. Platinum and gold account rates differ depending on the account manager assigned to you.
  • After opening an account with Traderush, Visa, American Express, and bank wire transfers are some of the payment methods you can use to make investments.
  • Traderush uses the SpotOption software. The user interface and general functionality of the Traderush system is extremely user-friendly.
  • Traderush offers many avenues to invest. Some of them are OptionPro charts, rollover, double up, put option, and call option.

What is a double-up?

Double up is a unique trade option. When you are in the middle of your trade, and getting closer to the expiry time, and you think that the direction of the asset is on a roll, you have an option to repeat the feat. In such a case, you click Double Up on the user interface.

This is an ideal time to double your investment and get double returns. It is like killing two birds with one stone. With doubleup you create another trade of the asset at its current price.

The procedure to invest remains the same with Traderush. Traderush Visa, Mastercard, Wiretransfers can be used to make the investment. Double up helps you double your profit before the option expires.

What is a roll over?

Roll over offers you the ability to stop a potential loss. This is achieved by postponing the expiry of your option. If you feel that your prediction is not going the right way, you can use the roll over option to postpone the expiry date of the option.

When you postpone an option’s expiry time, you are invoking a powerful stop loss strategy. With time on your side, you can turn your loss into profits. You have to invoke the roll over feature 10 minutes before the expiry of the option.


Traderush Trading is a powerful trading tool for the serious binary options investor. If you are serious about making money using binary options, Traderush is the right platform for you.

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