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Traderush Ukash

uKashOut of the many payment methods used by Traderush, Ukash is one of them. Ukash is an international e-commerce payment system. Operated by way of pre-paid vouchers with unique identifications, these vouchers can be purchased at multiple locations including the website of the company.

Ukash is an electronic form of money. You can use Ukash to receive and transfer payment. Regulated by the Financial Services Authority, Ukash is a safe way to transact.

On Traderush Trading, Ukash is accepted. Considering that payment is already made in obtaining vouchers at retail stores, there is involvement of physical money.

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Why choose Traderush

  • Traderush offers the widest array of assets. You can choose from 80 assets. This is the highest in the industry.
  • Traderush uses the SpotOption trading platform. This technology is the most advanced currently.
  • Most currencies are accepted.
  • Sixteen of the biggest stocks are listed including the likes of Apple, Google, and Nike.
  • You can trade on some of the well-known indices. They are namely NASDAG FUTURE, QATAR, DOW JONES, STRAITS TIMES, FTSE 100 to name a few.
  • Apart from trading in commodities such as oil, platinum and gold, you can also trade in sugar, wheat and cotton.

Creating an account with Traderush

The process to create an account with Traderush is simple, easy and straightforward. After you make the initial deposit, you can start trading in less than two minutes. If you deposit within 24 hours of creating a new account, you are paid a 5% bonus. This bonus is just the beginning. Traderush has plenty of other bonuses too.

When you register with Traderush, you don’t need to pay any additional fee. But yes, you have to make a minimum deposit of $200. You can pay through Visa, Mastercard, Moneybookers etc to Traderush Ukash and wiretransfers are accepted too.

Traderush User Interface

The user interface is designed for novice and experienced users alike. If you are a beginner, then you will find the Traderush user interface a joy to work with. If you are experienced, you will enjoy the easiness of use and plenitude of features.

You can change to a particular asset category when trading in another one. With a click of a button you can change, for instance, to the stock options from the commodity option.

You will also receive some hot offers periodically. Traderush provides you tips, tools, and techniques to succeed with these offers. If you are a newcomer, then this trading platform literally handholds you to success.

After you select an asset, you have to determine if its value will appreciate or depreciate. This is done relative to a target price. If you feel that the price will appreciate, you invoke the CALL option, and PUT option otherwise.

The user interface displays in vivid detail what your payout is. For instance, it displays 70% returns on certain options while for some options it may display 81% returns, 73% returns and so on.


Considering the ease of use, and the number of features available, this is easily the best trading platform in town

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