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Traderush PayPal

paypalTraderush is one of the newest waves of binary options trading activity on the Internet. But this time it is not a scam. And it’s far from being just a legitimate site. In fact, Traderush is the best site to date. Since its inception, this trading platform has been making rapid strides. Not to keep pace, but make revolutionary changes to the paradigm of binary options trading.

In 2007, the unique 60 second options from Traderush was a revelation. It provided real chances of making money. Apart from changing the landscape of digital binary options trading, it set new competitive trends – something that competitors could not imbibe (because they were only looking for profits).

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Latest waves of change

A new closable options function is now part of the feature list. The OptionPro trading chart has this feature now. Traders can choose from three in-trade features. They are namely double up, roll over, and early close. The third one – early close, is the latest entry.

You can start off with $ 10 investments. You can go up to $250. Such rates are applicable for 60 second options. The fact that 60 second options offers a low-cost entry criteria has enabled people from any economic background to use them.

What sets Traderush apart?

It is without question that the most unique feature of Traderush Trading is their 60 second options. If you predict correctly, you are returned your investment and 81% of it additionally. This is the highest in the industry. All you need to do is determine if the value of an asset will go up or down. If you think it will go up, invoke the CALL option, and if you think otherwise use PUT.

The Traderush platform, in addition to being optimized for novice traders, is equally beneficial to experienced traders. You can choose from over 85 tradable assets in the high-low options category.

Account types

You have several accounts to choose from. Top open a silver account, you have to pay $1000. In this type of account you get an account manager assigned to you. But if you only want an account, you can go for the mini-account option that starts with $200.

You can also choose from Gold and Platinum account types that also offer dedicated account managers. Both these account types have varying account opening rates. The rates depend on the account manager and their years of experience.

If you are looking for specialized support, a Gold trading account provides this to you. As part of this support, you receive trainings and walkthroughs. You receive technical and fundamental market analysis training.

You also stand to gain bonus prizes. Account managers periodically gift you electronic items if you make certain investments. Account managers inform you of special promotions and deals. Going out of their way, account managers ensure that you are well-compensated in the long run.


Optimum payment times characterize Traderush PayPal is one of the moneybookers used for transferring funds.

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