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Traderush Moneybookers

Skrill MoneybookersAfter opening an account with Traderush, Moneybookers, Visa, Mastercard, wire transfers, are some of the ways to make your investment. When you trade on this trading platform, you are exposed to a lot of business and financial news. For instance, if you read news about an impending rise of oil prices, you can use this knowledge to trade in commodities (oil) on Traderush and make profits.

Traderush offers you the ideal mix of tools and techniques to strike success as a binary options trader. A feature called “today’s main events” provides you the latest news as it happens. If you read this section on the website regularly, you can make instant profits.

Traderush is the only binary options trading platform that offers the 60 seconds option. And on top of that, this option fetches more than 75-80% returns. All these are industry firsts. Since its inception in 2007, Traderush has risen further from being the company that brought the “60 second options scheme.” It has included plenty of other features, assets, and options in its kitty.

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Why Traderush?

The most important decision is to decide to use Traderush. Moneybookers and wiretranfers are some of the ways you can invest. After making your investment you have a plenitude of assets to invest in. Traderush Trading is the only binary options platform that offers more than 80 assets.

You get to choose from stocks, indices, commodities, and currencies. Traderush handpicks the best stocks for you to invest in. Such stocks are stable. You can predict on their valuation up to a certain degree of accuracy.

For beginners, there cannot be any other better trading platform than Traderush. Apart from offering a demo, the trading platform also has account manager support. Having an account manager to help you is important if you are a beginner.

Binary options trading, though very profitable, might become disappointing if you are new to it. You may constantly make incorrect predictions. That is why it is important to choose account manager account types to handhold you through the initial days.

What account types to choose

The basic account type costs you only $200. The Gold and Platinum account types offer you account managers. These accounts cost around $1000 to open. Account managers help you with tips, techniques, and strategies. They are in constant interaction with you to increase your profitability. Occasionally, account managers communicate to you interesting deals, offers or promotions.

If you are interested in binary options trading as a career, you can make more than a living – you can be a millionaire. But you need assistance, guidance, and a little handholding. That’s why a Gold or Platinum account type could be beneficial to you.


How to get started with Traderush

  • You begin by opening an account. Visit A validation email is sent. You click the link and confirm your email address.
  • You proceed to invest in Traderush  Moneybookers, wiretransfers, credit/debit cards are some of the ways you make the investment.
  • After this you start trading.


You can benefit from the multitude of features on Traderush. Visit the website to know more.

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