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Traderush affiliates

As binary option trading becomes more and more established, it is attracting a number of new traders. One of the main reasons is that it is ideal for a newcomer in the market. International finance is highly complex and volatile. However, you do not need expert knowledge in this arena in order to make profits with binary options trading.

You just pick an asset, invest an amount and predict the direction in which you think its price will move within the expiry time. If you are correct, you can make a high profit. Traderush is one of the leading platforms of binary option trading.

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However, you can make money with the help of Traderush in other ways also. The Traderush affiliates program is a golden opportunity of making money, so that you can earn more along with the profit you get from binary option trading.

What to know about Traderush affiliates?

Traderush affiliates earn easy money by displaying advertisements and links to the website of Traderush Trading and attracting new customers. The Traderush affiliates program is also known as Rush bucks. The details are as follows:

  • You can join the Traderush affiliates program where you enter into a binding legal agreement with the company. This agreement can be revoked later by either or both parties.
  • Once you become a Traderush affiliate, the site will supply you with several tools to help you attract new customers. The backend is custom designed.
  • As a Traderush affiliate, you will get banners, links, messaging systems etc, all of which will help you to get more traders.
  • You will be assigned an affiliate manager whom you can contact by e mail or Skype.
  • You will also be able to see current earnings including clicks, new traders, registrations etc so that you can keep a close watch on your earnings.
  • Traderush affiliates get commissions on the basis of new trader who have no previous Open an account with Traderush and who visit the site through the link hosted by the affiliate. Only after the trader makes a real time deposit will commission be given.
  • The commission scheme is very generous. Traderush affiliates can get anywhere from 25% to 25% commission on a revenue share basis.
  • The commission is paid at the end of every month.
  • If you can refer other persons to become Traderush affiliates, you will receive 10% commission.
  • Traderush places the sanctity of its customers above all else. So, any spamming campaign or altering the links in any way without prior permission of the company will cause the termination of the affiliate contract.

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Trading binary options with Traderush will gain you a profit of as high as 81%. But, why stop there? Traderush affiliates can add a nice extra income to their monthly earnings where every link, banner and landing pages are supplied to you. You just display them on your website and you can supplement your income with your Traderush affiliate commission easily.

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