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Traderush Regulated

Traderush RegulatedAside from excellent features and most advanced trading platform, one of the most essential things to consider with TradeRush is if it is regulated by certain authorities. Why is this important? Surely, aside from great trading experience, you would also want to make sure that your money is safe and secured in a fair and regulated trading platform. With this, you will ensure that your investments would generate good revenues.

So, is the trading platform of TradeRush Regulated?  Not YET is the straight-forward answer to this. Just like most of the binary options trading platform, TradeRush is yet to be regulated if its license from CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) and CFTC (Commodity Features Trading Commission) has finally been approved.

Even though it has just been established 2 years ago, TradeRush easily made the necessary steps and measures to easily get an application for it to be regulated by CySEC. Why is that? To simply provide their traders the premium trading experience without any doubt that TradeRush is a scam that will certainly take their money away.

In addition, there will be more advantages this broker will offer to its clients and soon to be ones with TradeRush Regulated. Hence, they will be able to affirm their goal to be the most professional and objective trading platform online. Here are the advantages you can have as a loyal trader if TradeRush trading platform has finally been regulated:

  • Invest and trade with utmost confidence since you can fully guarantee that the platform you are trading in is trustworthy, fair, and above all, regulated trading environment.
  • The most accurate advice, fair price quotes, as well as reasonable payout rates when you get the desired results with your trades.
  • Assure that your every trade is authentic and secured as it is regulated by no other than CySEC and CFTC.
  • Have TradeRush’s features and highlights in their finest since it is now authorized by organizations with high standards.
  • Ensure that you can withdraw your profits and funds anytime you want as this broker runs a totally segregated on-shore bank account.
  • Get only the authentic and just price rates with your every trade.

Hopefully, TradeRush Regulated will happen as soon as possible. With its state-of-the-art features and breathtaking highlights, it is of no doubt that CySEC will sure approve of its license application. And obviously, if this happens, TradeRush will certainly adhere to their high standards effortlessly.

TradeRush Regulated is sure an essential facet to consider. Not only because of the benefits it will bring, but also to the limitless opportunities it can give to traders who would want to make money in a simple way like binary options trading. Hence, if you wanted to turn your simple investments to spectacular profits, join TradeRush now!