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About Traderush

There’s a lot to be said about TradeRush. It is clearly the fastest growing Online Stock Trading Platform. Traderush is the only broker offering 75% returns on 60 second options – this is something that most brokers stay away from.

This trading platform provides binary options traders an ideal setting to trade in. An easy-to-use interface, plenty of resource materials, and world class customer support characterize the services. All endeavors are positioned towards making the experience of traders the best. You can trade in stocks, currencies, commodities, or indices. You get to choose from 85 classes of assets.

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About Traderush – founding principles

  • Provide the most congenial trading experience for binary options traders.
  • Disseminate knowledge and empower traders.
  • Follow values of honesty, integrity, and ethics as sacrosanct drivers of business change.

Why trade in Binary options?

The simplicity of binary options trading is exemplified by Traderush Mobile. When you use this trading platform, your experience becomes simpler, intuitive, and satisfying. All you do is choose an asset, and determine if the value of the asset goes up or down. Based on this you either invoke the call or put options.

Traderush is the only digital options platform with the fastest payment delivery. That’s not all about Traderush, it is also the only broker offering returns in excess of 75% for 60 seconds options trading. Traderush believes in giving traders enough opportunity to make money.

Users have multiple assets to choose from. Options have varying expiry times. Considering this, Traderush is the only binary options platform offering this much flexibility and diversity of options.

How to start trading?

You can trade in binary options, one touch and 60 seconds. The following section discusses how to start trading in each of these.

Binary options

Select an asset

  1. If you think the price of the asset will increase before the expiry time, click CALL. If you think otherwise, click PUT.
  2. Enter your investment amount.
  3. Click Apply.

One touch

One touch options is based on whether an asset’s value will touch a target price or not. You have to make this prediction within the expiry time of the option. One touch options can offer you exponential profits. As part of the contract, all terms and conditions are pre-determined.

  1. You initially select an option
  2. Select the number of units to invest.
  3. Click Apply.

60 seconds

In this type of option, the expiry of the asset is only a minute. You have to make your prediction within this time. You exercise the CALL and PUT options within 60 seconds. Traderush Trading offers more than 75% returns on this option. This is the highest in the industry.


Going by the features, Traderush is easily the pioneering and leading binary options platform. On the continuous journey of innovation, this trading platform is constantly reinventing its strategies to benefit traders. As a trader you can expect the very best from your partnership with this trading platform. Disclaimer – The above-mentioned is just a high-level overview about Traderush and its offerings.

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